Herb Club Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes
Herb Club Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes

About Herb Club

Herb Club is a new hair and beauty brand that appreciates the benefits to beauty that natural herbs and plants can bestow. Herb Club products contain well researched and tested combinations of exotic, natural ingredients selected on the basis of their effectiveness, gentleness, purity and luxurious scent.
Herb Club is the creation of renowned international hairdresser Basilio Sciacca (now based in London), who has travelled extensively around the world in a quest to experience and source the world’s finest herbal beauty ingredients, to include in his exclusive Herb Club hair products.
...a range of products using the
most pure, natural ingredients...
The list of exotic ingredients sourced from around the far east includes Lotus, Sandalwood, White Tea, Loquat Leaf, Swertia and Chinese Liquorice.
The brand is dedicated to using only the finest natural ingredients and avoids using chemicals in its products. Herb Club also promotes recycling and does not test its products on animals.
Herb Club Behind The Scenes
Photo shoot (Part 2)
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