Herb Club Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes
Herb Club Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes

Welcome to the Herb Club experience...

I was born in the small town of Ficarra in Sicily where my family has been in hairdressing for generations. I first learned my trade as a schoolboy working evenings and weekends in my father’s salon then, later, inspired by him, I set out to expand my career in Palermo the capital city.

I enrolled in Italy’s most prestigious Ateneo hairdressing school where I was fortunate to meet my teacher and mentor, Maurizio Cardella. Maurizio gave me the foundations and motivation to succeed in the hairdressing business nationally and internationally. On his advice and through my own determination I travelled extensively around the world exploring new hairdressing techniques and styles and increasingly learning about the key ingredients that make great hair care products.

I spent time in Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Paris and Milan increasingly gaining recognition for my work and sharing the secrets of my success with others in a teaching and mentoring capacity.

A decade of travel and international hairdressing experience gave me the opportunity to evaluate many of the hair care products available in the market and amazingly I discovered that I had never found those that I believed really understood the correct ingredient blends and combinations required to balance the important requirements of cleaning and soothing hair.

It was at this stage that I decided to make my own products using all the knowledge I have gained on my travels especially in relation to the correct combinations of exotic natural ingredients

Herbs and plants and their curative, and beauty properties
and scents are a special passion of mine
and I have discovered in China, Japan and Thailand a number of historically used and qualitatively superior ingredients that I have combined in the best traditions of herbal medicine and tribal beauty.

My special formulations include a Wakan Formula – a superb combination of Chinese herbs that have been used for centuries to boost hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. This formula included in new Herb Club Shampoo and Herb Club Conditioner. To complement these I have also developed an amazing Herb Club Hair Mask scented with the essential oil of sandalwood.

I am confident that you will enjoy the Herb Club hair experience.

Basilio Sciacca, Founder Herb Club
Interview with Herb Club
founder Basilio Sciacca
Basilio Sciacca Basilio in his early career in his father's barber shop in 1993.